Samsung Safety Truck

Argentina’s statistics on traffic accidents are among the highest in the world. To make these roads safer in situations of overtaking Samsung invented the “Safety Truck”. The truck is equipped with a wireless camera in the front and four monitors on the back of the truck. These enables the drivers behind getting an idea of what is going on in the front of the truck – even in the dark – and think twice wether it is safe to overtake or not.

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Botanicus Interacticus: Interactive Plant Technology

Botanicus Interacticus is a technology for designing highly expressive interactive plants, both living and artificial. Driven by the rapid fusion of computing and living spaces, Disney Research takes interaction from computing devices and places it in the physical world using livings plants as an interactive medium.


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Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding

Disney Research presents a new energy harvesting technology that generates electrical energy from a user’s interactions with paper-like materials. The energy harvesters are flexible, light, and inexpensive, and they utilize a user’s gestures such as tapping, touching, rubbing and sliding to generate energy. The harvested energy is then used to actuate LEDs, e-paper displays and other devices to create interactive applications for books and other printed media.