Google Soli

Google is living in the future right now. They’re in the middle of developing a new interaction sensor using radar technology that can track movement with crazy accuracy. It’s only the size of a small computer chip and can be inserted into everyday objects and things we use daily. See the two quick GIFs to get an idea and watch the video for a full-blown introduction to the amazingness. It’s all very impressive.




Oculus Rift – consumer version revealed

Yesterday at the pre E3 press event, Oculus has shown the consumer version (release date: Q1 2016) of the rift and a new controller device called “Oculus Touch”. The Rift will also ship with a Xbox one controller. A new partnership with Microsoft was announced and XBox one games will be streamed to the Rift (which is in fact nothing more than simulating a big screen). Windows 10 will have native support for the Rift. There was no statement if Microsoft is thinking about releasing VR games of its own.

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Pepper the caring robot

Pepper the ’emotional’ robot sells out in ONE MINUTE: 1,000 models of the Japanese humanoid sell for $1,600 eac

Equipped with the latest voice and emotion recognition technology, Pepper the caring robot is able to read people’s facial expressions and listen to their tone of voice to analyse how they’re feeling. They also have the ability to learn from conversation.