Lexus built a working hoverboard

Lexus actually did invent a working, rideable hoverboard. The board has built in super conductors which have a near to zero resistance when cooled down to -197°C with liquid nitrogen. Hidden in the skating track there are magnetic rails which lock the board to the track. So you are only able to ride a predefined course, but that’s cool enough isn’t it?


Googles project loon brings internet to Sri Lanka

Google has been developing hightech baloons which provides internet access to remote regions. These balloons floating in the stratosphere and can provide connectivity to a ground area about 40 km in diameter.

The government of Sri Lanka has just announced a partnership with Google. So it becomes the worlds first country with internet access via these technique. The deployment has just started and the entire launch is expected to be completed by March, 2016

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Evaporation powered Engine

“Sahin and colleagues created what they’re calling “hygroscopy driven artificial muscles,” or HYDRAs, using bacterial spores that shrink and swell as the humidity changes. Within the spores, water is confined in tiny cavities, and humidity triggers pressure changes. Using HYDRAs, the team created two kinds of devices—a floating, piston-driven engine and a rotary engine—that can help generate electricity from evaporation.”

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Amsterdam Arena will host the first-ever drone circus

A choreographed show with computer and manual controlled drones will be shown later this year at the stadium. Drones are entering more and more our daily lifes. The progress goes beyond the common practical tasks like delivery, documentation, observation. This example shows also the great potential within the field of art and entertainment.

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Nokia reveals a 360° VR Camera

0nkvr(Image: Nokia)

Nokia revealed it’s own, super futuristic looking 360° VR Camera which will be available in the US in the fourth quarter of this year. Inside there are eight synchronized global shutter sensors designed to capture stereoscopic 3D video, eight integrated microphones capable of recording spatial audio and a combined battery and SSD cartridge (additional technical specifications will be released in the coming months).

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