Robot demonstrates self-awareness

Based on the riddle of the three hats three humanoid robots were programmed to demonstrate if a certain degree of self-awareness is possible. Although with limitations – yes it is!

All Three robots were programmed to think that two of them had been given a “dumbing pill” that prevented them from speaking. All of them were asked “which pill did you receive?”. Two of them were mute, so only one was able to answer: “I don’t know.” It then works out that, as it is able to talk, it did not receive the pill and changes its answer to: “Sorry, I know now. I was able to prove that I was not given a dumbing pill.”

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Scientists have developed paint that changes color based on heat, light and impact

The french company Olikrom has invented paint that changes color depending on temperature, pressure, or light and the possible uses are endless. Right now they are only creating custom products for specific businesses, but may start selling items to the private sector soon.

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