Li-fi 100 times faster than Wi-fi

Why not using light for transmitting data instead of radio bands? The so called Li-Wi-technology was invented by Harald Haas (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) back in 2011. The technology uses light between 400 and 800 THz and works like an advanded Morse code.
Scientists have tried to set up a Visible Light Communication (VLC) outside of the labs – and have installed an environment wihthin offices in Tallin (Estonia). The first tests reveal data transmissions up to 1 GB per second – 100 times faster than current known WiFi speeds.


Are you ready for spherical videos?

Google Jump is one of the more serious camera rigs designed specifically for VR, that allows you to capture your surroundings in full 360 degree. VR is moving forward in such a speed that it’s difficult to keep up with things.

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An another example for 360 video: