MWC – Samsung announces Gear 360 Camera, Facebook its 360 Video

Samsung revealed a 360 camera for shooting 360° videos, which are also viewable in VR. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has also announced, that Facebooks 360 video would be available for the Samsung Gear VR within the next few weeks. Samsung users would then be able to create and share content over the world biggest social network. This will be a huge step in the direction of a complete VR ecosystem.

Stewart – A mutually trustful interface for a fully autonomous car

Stewart is an interesting proposal for communicating with an autonomous car. Its movement let the driver (or passenger?) feel what the car is going to do, thus helping gaining trust in the machine. On the other hand, the integrated sensors allow to disagree with the car’s decisions and to suggest a different path or behavior.

It was developed by Felix Ros as a graduation project at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The hardware is driven by an Arduino and the software is based on Processing.

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