chatbot has saved people millions in parking tickets

An “automated lawyer” chatbot service has successfully challenged and overturned more than $2.5m in parking tickets in New York and London, according to its inventor.

The Do Not Pay service automatically generates an appeal if people fit the criteria to challenge a parking ticket – all using publicly available information – and it has been successful an extraordinary 64 per cent of the time, says London-born Stanford student Joshua Browder. In hard numbers, that’s 160,000 times out of 250,000 seen.

This is a good Example for the possibilities of chatbots.

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Segway creator’s advanced prosthetic arm arrives in late 2016

The bionic wearable is all about offering the life-like dexterity that hasn’t really been an option until now: you can hold a glass over your head without spilling it, for example, and the hand’s mix of four motors and grip sensors can help you grab both very delicate and very heavy items. The “Luke Arm “translates signals from a person’s muscles to perform complex tasks.”

The odds are that getting one won’t be trivial, but it might well be justified if it grants some extra freedom.

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The world biggest viral video experiment

In the past two years, the aussie production house The Woolshed Co released a series of fake videos solely with the purpouse of making them go viral without any budget. With the help of stock footage, CGI and post effects, eight videos were produced and of course everybody has seen or heard at least from one of them. One of the findings of Woolshed is, that the discussion about the authenticity was partly behind the success of videos.


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Star Wars – Trials of Tatooine

Today, Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine, a VR experience inside the Star Wars universe, will be releasesed on Steam for free for the HTC Vive headset. It was build by the ILMxLab, a lab which brought together talents from Lucasfilm, ILM und Skywalker Sound in order to create outstanding virtual and real content. ILMxLab has also partnered with Magic Leap recently. This release is a teaser of how storytelling and game play could look like in VR.

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Oculus works on haptic response device for VR

Oculus and Facebook have been working on a device which lets you feel objects within the VR. It allows the user to determine from which direction the object (e.g. a ball) appears. A completely new experience, as this hasn’t yet been possible. The plate works with bending waves and vibrations sent from several directions.

Even if its just a prototype it could be the next step to make VR even more realistic.

Goodyear just unveiled new spherical tires prove moving sideways

Goodyear just DEVELOPED The Goodyear Eagle-360 CONCEPT TIRES specifically for autonomous cars this week at the 86th Geneva International Motor show. THE spherical tire allows cars to drive in any direction.

The unique shape of the Goodyear Eagle-360 could contribute to safety and maneuverability to match the demands of autonomous mobility.The spherical shape of the tire is key to delivering ultimate maneuverability. The multi-orientation tires move in all directions, contributing to passenger safety. Active technology allows the tire to move as needed to reduce sliding from potential hazards, such as black ice or sudden obstacles, so it contributes to staying on a safe path. Goodyear Eagle-360 would use magnetic levitation (MagLev) to suspend the vehicle over the tires by magnetic field.

When for wheels can go in any direction, you need a computer to manage that. Now that our cars are about to drive themselves, it’s high time to see what’s possible.


RoboCup WM 2016

In the shadow of the famous EM 2016 soccer tournament in France, 3.500 participants and their 1.200 robots competed for the world championship title at the RoboCup 2016 event in Leipzig / Germany.
In the soccer tournament, this year the robots were challenged with a new situation: the arena ground was plastered with synthetic turf, color markers on the ground, which helped the robots orientate, were removed. Dramatic, irritating things like in the currently ongoing real soccer EM happened here, as you can see in the video!

Robots will support us in many, even unexpected, tasks and are one of the most expressive ways to bring machine intelligence to (our) live(s).

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