Google – artificial intelligence generated photography

Google released a paper about using a deep-learning system for artistic content creation. First, the algorithm chooses the best crop out of google street view panoramas. Afterwards, several machine learning based saturation- / HDR-filters and masking were applied by the program.

Deep neural networks and machine-learning are key players of artificial intelligence. They are simulating basic information processing of the brain and are more and more used in many products.


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First look at Apples Augmented Reality Kit for ios

Within iOS 11 a new augmented reality tool kit “ARKit”, which brings native support for Apple mobile systems, will be released. The public beta of iOS 11 has been available since a few days and this feature is tested widely from the developer community with some very nice results. The tracking seems to be extremely stable and precise. Together with advanced real-time rendering engines, the immersion is fascinating. Just have a look at the videos to get a first impression.

Augmented reality devices like the Microsoft Hololens or the Magic Leap or systems like Apple ARKit or Google Tango are extending the reality with an additional synthetic visual layer and are opening complete new possibilities for guidance, info- and entertainment systems.

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