Classyfier – Using AI to match the right music to the right situation

The Classyfier is a table developed at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction that detects the beverages people consume around it and chooses music that fits the situation accordingly. A built in microphone catches characteristic sounds and then compares these sounds to a catalogue of pre-trained examples.
The Classyfier identifies it as belonging to one of three classes; hot beverages, wine or beer. Each class has its own playlist that one can navigate through by knocking on the table.
The idea behind this project was to build a smart object that uses machine learning and naturally occurring sounds as input to enhance the ambiance of different situations.

Deep neural networks and machine-learning are key players of artificial intelligence. They are simulating basic information processing of the brain and are more and more used in many products.

Cymatics – The science of visualising audio frequencies

Inspired by synesthesia and cymatics, Nigel Stanford set out to make a music video where every note has a corresponding visual that is produced by the music that is played.
He teamed up with a video director and the result is an amazing blend of Physics, Technology and music all wrapped up in a music video.
It shows that combining different fields and thinking outside the box can create an very innovate project, which what creative development is all about.

If you are interested in more you can read and watch videos of the making of on his website