Newly unveiled DJI Mavic Pro foldable drone

Like the Karma, the Mavic is foldable, and when compressed it’s “practically the size of a water bottle”, DJI says. It boasts a camera that can shoot 4K video at 30fps, 1080p footage at 96fps, and 720p at 120fps. It’s stabilized by a three-axis gimbal, and supports snapping 12 MP pictures through its f/2.2 lens. Its maximum speed is 65km/h, and can go up to 5,000m. The video link to the drone works at a distance of up to 7km and shows you the live feed in 1080p.

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Drones can be controlled via thoughts

Researchers at the Arizona State University have found a way to control drones with your thoughts. Before the commands are going to be send wirelessly to the drones a scullcap is used to collect the “navigators” brain activities which are processed with a software.

Even if you need to be highly concentrated and a special software and besides the fact that this system currently work with a set of just four drones it shows impressively what the combination of human thoughts and software is able to come up with.

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planting drones

BioCarbon Engineering, based in the UK, has developed a system to plant trees in a very cost-effective (15% of traditional reforestation) way and at a speed which results in 1 billion planted trees per year. They use drones which first generate a detailed 3D-map and then drop pregerminated seeds within the area. Afterwords they are used to monitor these areas.

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Underwater drone on Kickstarter

The OpenROV Trident is a fast and fun underwater drone currently being funded on Kickstarter. The Trident is the latest underwater drone model from OpenROV, which has released several other open source and open hardware underwater drone designs in the past that make use of the BeagleBone Black platform.
The Trident design features an HD camera, onboard lights, a top speed of two meters per second, a run time of three hours, and can be connected with up a 100 meter tether. That combines for what the developers say is a fun piloting experience that can give hobbyists and explorers a new look at the world below the water’s surface.


Amsterdam Arena will host the first-ever drone circus

A choreographed show with computer and manual controlled drones will be shown later this year at the stadium. Drones are entering more and more our daily lifes. The progress goes beyond the common practical tasks like delivery, documentation, observation. This example shows also the great potential within the field of art and entertainment.

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