Google’s new wireless earphones with live translation will change the world

Google’s new wireless earphones, called Pixel Buds, designed for use with the company’s new Pixel 2 handset have an extraordinary special feature: If you tell it to “Help me speak Japanese” and then start speaking in English, the phone’s speakers will output your translated words as you speak them. The other party’s reply will then play into your ear through the Pixel Buds translated to your language. Next to this cool feature you have all the standars like issuing commands to Google Assistant on the Pixel 2, have it play music, give you directions, place a phone call and whatnot.

Getting all of the necessary bits and pieces necessary to facilitate real-time language translation into a device small enough to fit into your ear and pocket is no easy feat and is truly amazing. The future we all have been waiting for is finally starting to arrive in the present.

Googles hands free payment starts in selected stores

Google just has rolled out the pilot for the so called Hands Free payment. Available at several selected stores in Los Angeles you just have to say “I would like to pay with Google” and the purchase is made via your Google account. Of course you must have your smartphone (which is going to be detected) with you and give the cashier your initials to verify your account and close the transaction. The cashier also is able to additionally check your Googles profile picture.

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