Solar Windbreaker

By wearing the solar windbreaker from Pauline van Dongen you make sure that your electronical devices won’t run out of energy. There are three solar panels attached to the jacked which are connected to an integrated power bank. Through a wireless induction system you are able to charge your devices.

Nothing really new but nevertheless a nice and useful gadget as it combines renewable energy with your everyday needs (with regard to all the devices that need to be charged).

HoloFlex is the world’s first flexible holographic smartphone

The HoloFlex is the closest thing we’ve had so far to a holographic truly flexible phone. Move the display to see 3D objects from different angles and bend the phone to change the angle further.

Mobile innovation can be more than adding higher pixel density diplays to future devices. This is a example for it.

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Helmet translates “droidspeak”

A canadian eletronics designer has created a helmet which enables you to speak in “droidspeak” – the languages of R2D2 and BB8 from the StarWars-saga.

Unfortunately the helmets don’t translate and retranslate the spoken words and create sounds literally. They rather work as a workie talkie as they just output some “droidspeak”-sounds and transmit the original spoken message via radio. How amazing would it be if these helmets were able to translate “droidspeak” in realtime?